Pizzazz located her dress, pulled it on and headed back to camp when she came across Hoist amusing himself by doing burnouts in the dirt. Suddenly he hit trouble!
"Augh! Quicksand!" he cried as he began to sink "Pizzazz!!! HELP ME!!!"
Pizzazz rushed to him and wondered how she could assist, but then a better idea came to mind...

Soon after, Max Steel appeared before the tribe.
"Ok final five, uh, I could have sworn we had five?" Max said looking around quizzically "Not to worry, it's time for you to meet the subject of your next challenge, meet Pooh Bear!"

"Poor old Pooh has been stuck in this boring old red t-shirt for decades, not to mention the humiliation of being forced to live his life sans pants! Your challenge is to come up with a more contemporary look for him! Best outfit wins!"
Max provided a box of material, sewing equipment and other accessories and the competitors got started. A little later, with the costumes complete, Pizzazz was declared the winner!
"It's post-operative transsexual chic," Pizzazz announced proudly as Pooh modeled her outfit.

That night, due to a deep seated fear certain tribe members had long harboured about the size of a certain toy's head and the nightmares it gave them due to it's bulbousness, Pizzazz, He-Man and Leonardo took action, electing to vote out...

The next morning, the final three gathered for their final challenge.
"This is an endurance test," Max explained getting comfortable on a chair "You will each be required to stand on a separate perch, last person remaining decides who they will take to the final two with them."

Three days later:

"Uh Max?" Leonardo called out, waking Max from his slumber "We're made of plastic, we don't suffer from tiredness, or sore legs. The only way we're getting off these perches is if we die of boredom!!"
"Ok then, change of rules," Max announced "Whoever can remain on their perch longest while I play Ke$ha at top volume wins the challenge!"
Max brought in two giant speakers and started the music blaring.
"Oh god please no!!!" He-Man and Pizzazz cried falling from their perches and convulsing on the ground!

"Leonardo wins the challenge!" Max announced before approaching him."So Leonardo tell me, how did you cope with the strains of Ke$ha's music?"
"Dude I live in the sewer, I'm used to all kinds of crap in my ears!"
On the way to tribal council that night, Pizzazz pulled Leonardo aside.
"You go up against He-Man in the final two and you might lose," Pizzazz whispered to him "Let's get rid of him, take me to the final two with you!"
"You know, I really don't know......" Leonardo pondered.
"Maybe this will convince you?"

That evening at Tribal Council...

"And now we have the two final competitors, Pizzazz, and Leonardo!" Max announced. "It's time to bring in the last five tribe members to be voted off the island. They will decide, through their vote, who is the winner! Pizzazz and Leonardo, meet the jury."

"Pizzazz, explain to the jury why you should be named the winner," Max instructed.
"Ok then," Pizzazz begun "So I ruined Barbie's pretty pink dress, Yasmin, so I called you a slut, He-Man, I made fun of your little tinky winky, and then there is Hoist, laying at the bottom of that quick sand pit......but before you judge me, if you could just see that behind this harsh exterior I'm just a frightened little girl, lost in a world where every other famous 80's toy line seems to be making a come back except for...(sob)... mine,"
"Your turn Leonardo," Max instructed dabbing at his eyes with a tissue "Though you're going to have to work hard to top that heart-warming little story!"

"OH COME ON!" Leonardo cried "She's screwing you dudes! Make me the winner, and um...FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!"

The jury then cast their votes one by one, before Max read them out in slow, tense, dramatic fashion...

"First vote...Pizzazz...

second vote...Leonardo...

third vote...Pizzazz...

fourth vote...Leonardo...

And now for the last vote....

the winner...

of Survivor Toyland...


"I got beaten by a freaking TURTLE???" Pizzazz shrieked in rage picking Leonardo up and preparing to throw him in the fire!
"Leave him alone!" Yasmin shouted as the council area descended into chaos "You scary old hag!"
"Shut your trap tramp!" Pizzazz shrieked throwing down Leonardo and diving at Yasmin!
"Ladies please!!!" Max begged as the two girls slugged it out on the ground "Have some dignity!"
"Stuff dignity!" Leonardo cheered "Throw some jelly on them and bring us some popcorn!"

Moments later, two security guards appeared and pulled the two brawling beauties apart, before bustling all but Leonardo out of tribal council, herding them towards a helicopter which would fly them back to civilisation. Alone with Leonardo, Max presented him with his prize.

"In this envelope is a plane ticket to an exotic island," Max explained.
"Like, wow," Leonardo sighed "It's not like I haven't just spent the last ten days on one!"
"Ahh but this is a special island, the natives are extremely friendly, and boy do they know how to party! Let's see if you're complaining once you get there."
As Leonardo ambled off to catch a sea plane to take him to his mystery destination, Max heard a noise behind him and spun around to see Pizzazz!
"You'd better hurry and join the others or you'll miss your ride," Max scolded, only to have Pizzazz lunge at him, tearing off his shirt and binding his hands behind his back!
"I came back for my 'runners-up' prize," she cooed "Oh don't look so nervous, I promise to be gentle..."

 A few hours later Leonardo reached his destination...
"Wow when Max said the locals here know how to party, he really meant it!" Leonardo whooped in joy "COWA-FREAKIN-BUNGA!!!".

Follow the links below to read some of my other toy adventures!
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Copyright © Cade Buchanan 2005
Too funny. You rock.
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i think i'm in LOVE!!!
I loved it!!
i loved both the artwork and the story. very funny.
if the real survivor was anthing like this, i might watch it at some point.
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Ha haa ha!! Pizzeaz is the coolest crazy hot chick I've ever seen!
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Amazing! That is the only word I can muster to describe this story.
My name is Bogdan Berkovsky. I am editor the "Predmet" magazine (it's on paper, is publishing in Russia). I want to make the publication of Survivor Toyland. What do you think about it? Please tell me your conditions.
I post some photos of your exebition in my blog.

Thank you for your creative work!
F..... ING....... AWESOME!!!!!!!!
hi there, this is great work! i featured you at my blog here :

see ya!
Awesome. Cool site:)
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