Once upon a time, sixteen famous toys were selected to partake in a savage game of survival and cunning deep in the jungle! As the competitors began to congregate, they were confronted by smarmy reality TV host Max Steel.
"As of this moment politeness and fair play are out the window," he explained "You can be the winner, or, you can be one of what will eventually become fifteen weak-assed losers!"

"You've been divided into two separate tribes," Max continued, holding up items for the first challenge. "A representative from each of the two tribes is to go into the forest behind me blindfolded. In there they will attempt to catch and bring back as many Smurfs as they can. But be warned, Doc Ock is ALSO hiding in the forest!"

"The person to retrieve the most Smurfs sends the opposing tribe to tribal council tonight where they will vote out a member of their tribe," Max continued "Competitors GO!".
Quick as a flash, GI Joe, representing the Kukapoo tribe, and Ken for Ibsy Dibsy pulled on their blindfolds and dashed into the forest in search of Smurfs.

"You don't stand a chance pansy boy," GI Joe growled, when suddenly two of Doc Ock's tentacles came up behind him as he crawled about on the forest floor!

As GI Joe's hand fell upon Papa Smurf, the tentacles tore his pants clean off! Unaware of what had happened due to the excitement of finding his first smurf, GI Joe raced into the clearing to show his tribe.
"What the hell?" Max gasped.

Suddenly aware of a somewhat uncomfortable silence around him, GI Joe removed his blindfold before crying out in horror.
"I have loose knee joints! These help with my posture!" GI Joe pleaded as Ken burst from the forest with three Smurfs, outsmurfing GI Joe, and sending Kukapoo to tribal council that night.
A few hours later, using the excuse that a man wearing suspenders may be susceptible to chaffing during physical challenges thus slowing him down, the tribe elected to vote out...

The next morning, the two tribes gathered for their next challenge...
"Meet the subject of your next challenge," Max announced "A somewhat pre-loved Care Bear!"

"Each tribe choose two members to compete," Max explained "These two teams must each sew a limb back onto Care Bear, first team to complete their reattachment sends the opposing team's tribe to tribal council tonight."
The teams got to work sewing, but suddenly tragedy struck!
"Ow!" She-Ra cried "Leonardo! You've sewn the bear to my ass you idiot!"

"Hold still, I'll use my swords to cut the thread," Leonardo instructed.
"Hurry!!!" She-Ra squealed "Care Bear's trying to get fresh with me!"
As Leonardo got to work, the opposing team completed their repair, sending Ibsy Dibsy to Tribal Council that night.
A few hours later, realising she will no doubt be much slower in challenges from now on due to the great big bear sewn to her ass, the tribe elected to vote out...

The next morning, the Ibsy Dibsy tribe awoke to a terrible sight!
"Oh my god!" Luke cried "Rainbow Brite's contracted African trypanosomiasis disease!"

Moments later, Max Steel appeared with some medics who loaded Rainbow Brite onto a stretcher. As the medics hurried her away, Max sheepishly addressed the tribe.
"Uh, with time constraints and a lot of toys to get through, some of you may need to be suddenly written out of the story subject to the writer's discretion."

"So alongside having to worry about being voted off the island, we ALSO have to live in fear of being struck down with terrible ailments?" Ken gasped.
"Correct," Max responded as Ken spontaneously combusted.

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